Why you should get a bho extractor

Why you should get a BHO extractor

Whether you use cannabis to help with medical issues or you are a recreational user, there is something to be said for solvent extraction or using a butane extractor to create a concentrate. This concentrate has up to 90 percent THC. It is, therefore, more potent than traditional marijuana.

Additionally, there are differences in the effects, pain relief properties, and possibly other important ways not discovered yet, as well.  Often these concentrates seem to make people’s pain just disappear whether they are inhaled or part of an edible. If a concentrate is given to an alcoholic or those that are addicted to other drugs, it seems to make their withdrawal symptoms  disappear.  Furthermore, it is easier to regulate the dosage of concentrate than it is of other pharmaceuticals. You can feel much better when you use just a tiny amount.

If you are worried about the harmful effects of inhaling or ingesting butane, several studies show that it has only been a mild irritant to some. Moreover, it can be found in many household everyday items including hair spray, cooking spray, and flavor extracts. Should you accidentally overdose and use too much concentrate, you will probably experience an uncomfortable feeling or possible be paranoid or anxious for some time. However, there are no long-term effects.

Should you decide to purchase a BHO extractor, be sure to get some training on how to operate it. The most dangerous part of the extracts is their production. Furthermore, it is best to buy a closed loop butane extractor. Since all of the butane remains in the extractor it cannot get out into the air and cause an explosion or fire.

Regardless of the type of extractor you use, the process should be done outside. You should leave any and everything that can cause static electricity far away from where you intend to work because it can cause an unintended explosion.

Additionally, you need to purchase high-grade butane. You should never use the butane that is intended for lighters or is used when camping. It contains chemicals that smell. These are added so that leaks can be detected. These chemicals will alter the taste and purity of your extract and can be harmful if ingested.

To further ensure that there is as little butane in your concentrate as possible, it must go through a purging process.  If you opt for a closed system, it will vacuum out the butane and store it so that it can be reused.  You just need to be sure that all of the seals are completely closed and that the vacuum is strong enough.

When done properly, BHO is an excellent alternative to the traditional joint, especially when one is too sick to smoke it or is in a place where it is either illegal or socially unacceptable to light one up. It is believed that as time goes on and cannabis becomes more accepted the process by which concentrates are created will become easier and less dangerous.