Why You Should Adapt to New Insurance Software

Are you still using the old spreadsheet and paper files stored in cabinets to manage insurance customer information?

Independent insurance solutions have evolved along with technology to deliver insurance companies and their agents with an excellent platform that beats paper decisively. Here’s why you should switch to the latest cutting-edge insurance solutions technology:

All-In-One Form Integration

Agents will not have to dig up through piles of paper to find the appropriate Agency, Carrier or ACORD form while in the midst of an important interview process. A cloud-based insurance software can act as a versatile tool that adds any form you need within the application process in just one click. Insurance agents can customize the insurance platform according to their needs- you can create packages and bookmark them as favorites, and edit, share or save them in real-time. Once you’re set, you can simply submit the application package to interested individuals or groups.

Streamlined Referral Management

Referral partners, agents and sales teams can use independent insurance solutions to send in new prospects. Once the information is added on to the system, the platform can be used to learn more about the prospect and how they can be best approached with the right insurance package. What’s more, there’s no more confusion in regards to the referral status to those involved as the software will generate automatic emails regarding the progress. Agents and companies can then access the referral sources and closing business to further identify who the best referrers are in the organization.

Real-Time Access Anytime, Anywhere

Thanks to a cloud-based platform, independent insurance solutions are easily accessible using a wide variety of compatible electronic devices that are connected to the internet. The information stored in the cloud is fast, safe and secure. Tedious double-checking for duplicate data entry is eliminated along with all those carrier complexities in a non-cloud insurance platform. Best of all, the workflow is now streamlined and allows for a much higher close ratio.

Reliable and Complete Analytics

Insurance companies use analytical data to see where they can improve and what workflow can be simplified. Using independent insurance software ensures you get all pertinent information as an applicant goes through the sales pipeline journey. From here, you can measure solid metrics such as the number of products sold, the type of insurance being sold, the strongest producers, the best referrals, who the strongest competitors are, win/loss ratios, and much, much more. Since you’re using a cloud-based platform, any employee with access will be able to see the numbers using a compatible device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) that is connected to the internet.

Avyst is an excellent independent insurance solutions that has the most thorough and detailed platform available in the market today. The company has built up its insurance software solutions using years of dedication, experience and knowledge of the insurance industry. You can be sure that you’ll have an easier time working through quoting processes, interviews and referrals while being empowered to perform at your best. Get Avyst today and watch as your numbers reach new heights.