A jobs report issues late last year stated that the air conditioning industry now ranks among the ten largest employers in the country. Large AC repair and installation agencies such as, www.theacdr.com have reported record breaking profits for 2017, and expectations for AC services are higher than they have been in twenty years for 2018. Some business schools have even started giving classes on the growth of the AC industry, as a possible business model for people looking to make an impact in all sorts of areas of business. In this article we will take a look at the three leading factors for the current success of the AC repair industry today.

The first factor behind the AC industry’s current success is often overlooked but extremely important. The boom in the housing market that is currently taking place is creating thousands of new homes in almost every state, and all of these new homes require AC units. Air conditioning services for new homes accounts for almost a third of the AC industry’s new business right now, and as the housing boom continues to flourish, that number is only expected to climb. Housing experts think that by 2020, the number of new homes under construction will reach the highest point in nearly thirty years, something which is very good news for people that make their living off of fixing and installing new AC units. Dozens of new air conditioning manufacturers are likewise expected to appear in the coming years.

Heating repair in particular has been spurred on by the number of severe winters the country has had in recent years. While many people still debate the amount of affect that climate change actually has on the world today, few can deny the fact that weather conditions across the country have been more extreme than ever before. Places in the country which rarely required heating have been forced to run heating units all winter long. The added stress on heating units which were designed to work under moderate climates has caused heating systems to require a load of repairs. The southeast part of the country has in particular seen a sharp jump in the number of heating systems in need of repair. If the nation continues to have drastic winter conditions, especially in areas which once enjoyed moderate winters, the demand for heating system repairs will only continue to climb.

The last of the reasons which helps account for the boom in AC systems repair is fact that many AC units which were installed in the 80’s are starting to fail. AC systems from the 1980’s were not as advanced as those now being made, and the lifespan for many AC units from that period has started to run out. Almost fifty percent of AC repair jobs done today are for systems from the 1980’s. The good news for consumers is that the new AC systems sold today are both cheaper and work longer than the systems from the past. People who need new AC units can rest assure they won’t need to spend money on a new air conditioner for a very long time.