In the following article we will highlight some of the most exciting news to come out of the aerospace fabrication industry over the last year. There is a lot more news than we have time to tell our readers about in the short space we have been given, so we recommend that any of our readers that are curious about aerospace news visit industry relevant sites such as, www.muskotech.com, or other online sites. There are also several magazines in circulation today which outline the latest and most exciting news about the advancements being made in aerospace technology; most of which can be easily found at your local library.

Defense fabrication experts have been developing a lot of new technology which is going to spill over into aerospace crafts which will affect the lives of almost everyone.  Last year a small aerospace company in Texas announced that they had developed a new jet engine which the US air force was going to be investing million in. The new jet engine was designed to bring ultra-fast travel to military aircrafts, but it may end up making its most important impact in the commercial air travel industry. Leading airlines have announced intentions to have commercial jets equipped with these new super powered engines by 2020. The New engine models would allow commercial jets to travel from New York to London in less than three hours. While there is already a commercial jet that can travel at top speeds, it has not been widely used because of the tremendous amount of noise the engines produce. In fact, most airports have already banned the supersonic jets form landing or taking off from their facilities. The new jets however, use special technology which reduces the amount of noise pollution by enough to make them attractive to commercial airports. The advanced fabrication of jet engines may soon make possible for people to travel across the world for business and be home for dinner in the same day.

Another thing which has captured the eyes and imagination of people across the world has been the production of aerospace crats which are capable of traveling to space without the use of a space station. The dream of billionaire playboys may finally be coming true in the next few years as new aircrafts are being made which allow for pilots to takeoff from a traditional airport, and then enter into space. The possibility that space travel may be possible without large space station might mean that regular people will soon be able to afford space travel. Some airlines have already started to work on group packages that would allow customers to book flights into space for as little as three thousand dollars a ticket. While some skeptics have been quick to point out the fact that commercial space travel has been something promised to people for decades, others within the aerospace industry are saying that this time we really are looking at commercial space travel to be on the market within the next ten years or less.