Tips to follow when doing your own window installation from start to finish

If you are making the leap to finally replace all of those old windows in your house, there are a few tips and tricks to follow to ensure that all is done correctly.  If windows are not installed properly they will give you problems for life.  So take this window installation part very seriously  because it could haunt you for life if it goes poorly.  This is a list of details that you should be sure not to miss when doing your own window installation.

  1. Functionality.  This seems like it should be obvious but some people overlook it because they assume that “the kinks will work out” after using the window for a while.  If it is not functioning absolutely perfectly then there is something off that could only get worse, not better.  Make sure all is running smoothly  before you call it a day so that nothing comes back to bite later when it is too late.
  2. Energy Efficiency.  When you purchase your new windows be sure to check out the energy ratings.  There are a lot of numbers so you can ask the sales person to help with deciphering them.  But some windows are more highly rated than others when it comes to energy efficiency.  If that is important to you then don’t compromise.  Investing in windows that are proven to keep the air where you want it will prove to be well worth it.
  3. Multiple Panes.  Purchasing windows with two or three panes is also very helpful replacement windowswith energy efficiency.  The multiple panes are a bit more expensive but they pay for themselves fairly quickly.  There is usually some sort of gas between the panes that helps with insulation and sound.  When you live in a cold city, these windows are perfect for your front room to keep out the noise and the frigid air.
  4. Get an exact fit.  If even just one little portion of the entire window installation is off then it could compromise the function and fit.  When a level is not right or a pane is not sliding, it will create a domino effect of small problems.  You want to make sure you check all of this before you put the final touches on because you can’t go back.  Check before the caulking is set and the trip is placed so that you don’t have to rip it off later.
  5. Get New Trim.  Again, this might not seem like a big deal but let’s be honest about how bad it looks when people reuse their trim.  It can definitely cut the cost if you are doing a lot of windows, but the old trim was designed to fit an old window.  The new trim will look fresher and will fit this new window exactly as it should.  Please do us all a favor and get some new trim.  It’s not really that expensive, is it?

So keep all of this in mind when shopping for new windows or installing them yourself so that it all goes smoothly and your house looks a million times better.