Three Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t Go To Church

Attending a congregation of your choice can have many benefits. Engaging with liked minded people who want to deepen their spiritual life is one of many. This starts with an understanding of a deep longing for something more, and answering that longing in the vehicle of corporate worship. Each of us have various needs that need to be met, and we need to have a holistic approach in how to make sure those needs are met. A church can be many things, and it can add great value in your life. It can teach you great things, and give you hope for a better life to come. These are all great reasons to go to church, but you want to be sure you are going with good expectations.

Here are some pitfalls to consider and avoid:

  1. You only come to get something. While coming to received something is an http://www.calvarypalisades.orgimportant part of the experience of church, you should also come with an attitude of service. This is an important part of Christianity. Living one’s life looking for ways to serve others is important. There are many things to accomplish, and looking for ways to come alongside the staff at your church to assist in these goals. This is a way to come ready to receive even more. It can be an oxymoron in a way. As you only look to receive, you are limited by your own ideas of what it means. However, when you come ready to give, you will leave with so much more.
  2. Boosting you self esteem is your goal. It is very important to have a healthy view of yourself, but having this expectation going into a church service may not be the right expectation. This is a time for attempting to understand how to make corrections in your life. A time to understand how to bring your life more in line with the idea that Christ left for us. This is not necessarily incompatible with self esteem, but it should take precedence over self esteem. The time spent in church should be meow about bringing yourself in line with want God wants to accomplish in you.
  3. You want to improve your financial status. This is a popular theme, and has been for decades. If you just follow Christ, all of your dreams will come true, and you will be financially stable. While this is an alluring idea, this is not reality, and it is not in line with the Christina tradition. While you should most likely work to be financially stable, this is not something that happens magically. The idea of church is about coming in line with God’s plan for your life, and not about obtaining wealth.

There are many positive outcomes from attending church, and engaging in a faith based community of liked minded people. However, you should to have unrealistic expectations. It is best to go to improve your spiritual life, and for your spiritual well being. Coupled with a great community of believers, you will have the right outcome.