After the two major hurricanes we just suffered last month there is a lot of cleanup which is going to take weeks and even months to accomplish. One of the most common problems that people face after large storms is stump removal. Hundreds of thousands of trees were blow over during the storm, and many of them have nothing but the stumps left behind. Stump removal is a deceptively difficult task for homeowners to take on by themselves, and one which is best left to experts for a number of reasons. Below we have listed the top three reasons why stump removal is something people dealing with cleanup should leave up to the pros.

For starters, stump removal is a lot less costly than one might expect. Getting a stump out of the group can be a real pain in the neck for people that don’t have the proper tools and knowledge, but for professional tree service experts, the task can be simple and quick. Online sites such as,, offer estimates for the removal of stumps and fallen trees, and there are a number of offers for people dealing with several stumps which need to be removed. after a natural disaster like a hurricane, tree removal companies offer very competitive offers for the removal of all stumps on a person’s property, this due to the fact that there is so much work up for grabs that companies can often spend an entire week working in just one area which has been badly affected. Less travel time between one work site and the next translates to lower costs for the customer. Before a person even considers trying to get a stump out on their own, they should consult with a professional stump removal agency.

Another reason why tree removal is not something most people should try on their own is the fact that it can be very dangerous. There are a lot of potentially dangerous tools which are required when removing a large stump from the ground. Chainsaws and leveraging equipment may appear easy to use, but the slightest error could cause serious injuries if not operated correctly. The pros have all the tools that may be needed for successful stump removal, plus the knowledge and safety equipment required to get the job done quickly and safely. Removing a stump should be a solution to a problem, nit the beginning of another on. Leave stump removal up to people who know what they are doing and save yourself a possible visit to the emergency room.

Finally, stump removal also requires stump disposal. Many folks that decide to undertake a stump removal on their own forget to consider what they are going to do with a five hundred pound stump once, and if they manage to get it out of the ground. Most cities will not allow their citizens to leave such large items in the street, as traditional collection methods are impossible with giant tree stumps. The tree removal crews work with high powered wood chippers that allow them to dispose of the stumps on the scene, saving the homeowner a big headache.