The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

vinyl sidingFor many people these days, siding for their homes is the way to make a property look great without having to spend a lot of money. This is especially true for people who choose vinyl siding options, since they can be very affordable as well as durable. If you are in need of siding replacement, you are probably considering if vinyl is the right option for your property. To help you decide, we have gathered the pros and cons of vinyl siding so that you can make an informed purchase.


  • Durable: One of the best things about vinyl siding is that it lasts for a long time. It can easily last for years without fading or warping. There is no need to worry about paint chipping or anything like that, so it can end up saving you a lot of hassle and stress in the future.
  • Easy to Install: Vinyl siding is the easiest option of siding when it comes to the installation process. Experts can get an entire home done in just a few hours, which is not possible with other kinds of siding. If you want to save yourself time and money, then choosing this option can be the best thing you do.
  • Affordable: Vinyl siding is also the most affordable option. This is important if your home is large and you do not want to spend a small fortune buying siding. Since it also lasts a long time, you will be saving money in the future, as well, since you will not have to replace the siding anytime soon.
  • Variety: Vinyl also offers lots of variety when it comes to style. It comes in many different colors and shapes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your home and your style.


  • Cracks: Vinyl can crack after years, especially if you live in an area of harsh weather conditions. This is important for people who live in very cold areas, since the cold can even make the vinyl break.
  • Not Watertight: Unlike wood siding, which can be made watertight with a special sealing coat, vinyl does not have this option. This means that water can find its way under the vinyl, potentially causing issues to the home’s walls. Although this is rare, it is important to know so that you can be prepared. To prevent this from happening, you will have to change the siding more often.

It is easy to see why many people choose vinyl siding over any other type. It can be the most affordable option for you and it is the one that is easiest to install. For people who do not want to spend hours with installers, this is the option to choose. Choose a great siding replacement company like Lifetime Windows & Siding for the kind of results you want. With a bit of information you can choose the kind of siding that will not only look great but which will last a long time and save you money.