The Many Social Activities Senior Assisted Living Facilities Offer

respite careOne of the best things about placing your loved one in respite care or in an assisted living facility is that they will get a chance to socialize and do a number of great activities. This helps with their quality of life, ensuring that they always feel content in the facility. It is very important to share all the kinds of activities that your loved one can expect before you arrive, so that there are no surprises. There are activities to suit all tastes and all motility levels. We have some of the most common options below.

  • Weekly Scheduled Events: Most facilities offer a variety of weekly events that your loved one will have a chance to take part of. These can include movie nights at the facility or at a theater, theme nights where there will be entertainment that involves that theme, and even shopping excursions where everyone will get a chance to socialize as they do their shopping. These outing and other activities are usually planned with lots of time in advance so that your loved one can get ready for them.
  • Learning Opportunities: The best facilities have classes that can teach senior citizens all manner of things. This can include crafts like knitting or model building, or other options like book clubs. Learning new things helps the mind stay active, so your loved one will always find something they are interested in learning at a quality assisted living facility.
  • Fitness: Keeping active can help keep the mind as healthy as possible. Assisted living facilities offer many different types of exercise options, including yoga and even meditation classes. A doctor will evaluate the health of each resident to see what classes they can join so that there is no risk at all. Many locations have tai chi classes and gyms where they will be able to exercise while being monitored.
  • Community Dining: Probably the healthiest activity that residents of an assisted living facility can do is dine together. This will reduce the chances of isolation and of unhealthy eating habits. Since they will not have to worry about cooking or cleaning up, they will be able to enjoy chatting with fellow residents. Some facilities play music during the meal while others offer other entertainment opportunities to allow the residents to engage in communication.
  • Visits: Of course, your loved one will always be able to sit and visit with you whenever you come to see them. In most facilities, you can even join in on different activities.

Moving to a facility can be daunting for your loved one, but you can make them less nervous about the transition if you take the time to show them all the great activities they will get to take part of. A place like Morning Star Senior Living can be exactly what your loved one needs to start socializing and enjoying life again. With exercise classes and all manner of fun activities, you will start seeing your loved one feel and look better.