When it comes to PR, if a company isn’t able to do it right they probably are not going to be able to cut it I the modern business world. There are all different ways of thinking when it comes to public relations, but there are things which have proven to be effective over the years, and others which just have not produced the kind of results that a company needs. Using information gathered from a major PR tech firm,, we aim to expose tools which companies in need of public relations can count on. People that want to get deeper into the subject of public relations have no better resource than taking a meeting with an actual PR team. One of the principals of modern business is that attempting to execute public relations without any outside help can lead to serious troubles for a company.

TV has been the most effective way to reach the public for almost fifty years, and today it remains a surefire way to get a PR campaign out to the public. Some people from the PR sector have brought the effectiveness of TV into question in recent years, stating that people no longer pay as much attention to commercials as they used to, or that through online TV networks people can watch their favorite shows without any commercials at all. The evidence however, doesn’t back up the claim that traditional TV PR efforts are no longer effective. It is true that people pay less attention to commercials that they once did, but that only means that marketing teams need to come up with new ways to get people hooked in when a new ad comes on the TV. Almost all major Public relations agencies still use TV as their main channel for reaching large groups of the population. Apart from TV commercials, a lot of PR groups have stated opting for PR messages to be placed subtly into the actual programs. The modern consumer doesn’t need to see a huge company logo or hear a catchy jingle to start thinking about a product; ads are now much less intrusive than they used to be. In the future the internet may be the most important tool for a public relations agency, but up to the moment the TV remains the ace in the deck of most PR firms.

The internet is close behind television for its PR potential. The web is a potent force for PR agencies today because it combines a channel which receives huge numbers of eyes each day, and a relatively cheap place to run PR campaigns. While there are some social media sites and YouTube channels that are very expensive to rent for advertising and PR, they are still way less costly than a TV commercial. Even the most visited pages in the world can’t compare with the cost of running an ad on the TV during the Super bowl or a popular show’s final program. Internet PR can be both effective, and significantly less expensive than other forms of PR placement.