Reasons to Choose Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

People quitting smoking or fond of cannabis products usually use vape pens with vape cartridges pre-loaded with cannabis oil since last many years. But do you know why they go for pre-filled oil vape cartridges for this purpose? They use pre-filed cartridges due to a number of benefits like:

Easy to use: As compared to other methods of filling vape pens including manual, pre-loaded vape cartridges are easier to use as you can start vaping just by loading the pre-filled cartridge in the vape pen and pressing a button. Moreover, in many cases you need not worry about charging the battery of your vape pen as you can find vape pen in which battery charging is not necessarily required.

Portability: Vape cartridges pre-filled with hash oil allow you to enjoy it wherever you go as they are easy to port anywhere. It allows you to vape tactfully without worrying about the quality of the products of raw cannabis as it is easy to carry due to its minimalist and sleek design.

Dose: Dose of cannabis can be a major issue for the beginners of cannabis concentrate. A pre-filled vape cartridge can allow them to enjoy vaping instantly without having an overwhelming experience. It will allow you to vape a very controlled dose in each inhaling unlike dabbing. It provides you liberty to consume as much cannabis concentrate as you wish.

Variety: Various types of Pre-filled vape cartridges are available these days on the stores from which you can select one as per your liking. Some of the vape cartridges can be differentiated due to different reasons like:

On the basis of hardware

Combo of battery and cartridge: Some cartridges are available with a standard 510 threaded vaporizer battery inserted in them to make it easier to fit it in any vape pen with 510 threading. Disposable cartridges: Some of the cartridges are pre-loaded in disposable vape pens containing an already charged battery so that they can be disposed of after emptying its tank or cartridge.

On the basis of viscosity level

Distillate Cartridges: In order to meet the level of viscosity for vaporizing in an atomizer some cartridges are filled with the highly refined distillate oil of cannabis containing nothing else than pure cannabinoids. Cartridges with CO2 oil: Some high-end vape cartridges need not have any additive to meet the viscosity level required for vaporizing as they are filled with CO2 oil.

On the basis of additives

Cartridges with additives: Sometimes certain additives are used in the oils used in vape cartridges to reduce the harshness as well as viscosity of those oils. Certain additives used for this purpose can include

PG i.e. Propylene glycol, PEG i.e. polyethylene glycol, MCT i.e. medium chain triglycerides like coconut oil or VG i.e. vegetable glycerin

They can help in maintaining the consistency and viscosity of the oil for long time while using in a standard atomizer.

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