Real Estate Law: Living With Neighbors

real estate lawyerOne of the most difficult things about buying a new home is getting to know your neighbors and ensuring that you all get along. This is not always easy to do, especially if your neighbors are on the picky side. Many issues that home owners have that require real estate lawyers to become involved come about because of neighbor issues. If you have purchased a home and want to start off on the right foot, we have some suggestions about how to compromise with neighbors so that you can get along.

  • Think About Your Neighbors: This is something that is important. Whenever you do something drastic to your home, whether it is in front or back yard, you want to consider if it will affect the neighbors. Will it block their sigh-line? Will it annoy them? Same thing applies with loud noises at very early or very later hours. There shouldn’t be any of that at all.
  • Boundaries: Be sure to know where the boundary lines are in your property and never cross them. There are many times problems when neighbors plant certain plants in space that is not theirs or install anything else on ground that is not part of their property.
  • Communicate: Many times, issues can be resolved if you speak with one another. If you are having an issue with your neighbor speak first before you involve officials. Many people are quick to file a lawsuit but this should be used only as a last resort. Of course, if the disruptions you are putting up with are extreme, you should do everything to resolve them.
  • Know the Laws: Knowing the laws in your area, whether city laws or association laws can help you avoid a number of issues. You will also be better prepared if you ind that one of your neighbors is not respecting the laws. If you find yourself in an issue with a neighbor consulting a real estate lawyer can be a good idea.
  • Know Who Is in Charge: It is also very important to know who is in charge in the area and who you need to contact to file a complaint if necessary. This information can put you at ease and can ensure that you have the recourse you need to get help.
  • Get Involved: If there is a community meeting every month, get involved. Bring any questions or issues you may have to these meetings and see if there are ways of resolving them without bringing lawyers into the issue.

All of these suggestions can make a huge difference in how you deal with your neighbors. There is no need for aggression of any sort if you take the time to really speak out about what is bothering you. Always be mindful of other people, too, taking into consideration whether something you install in your yard affects anyone else or not. If you still have issues with your neighbors after that, consult with a qualified lawyer like you will find at The Hickey Law Firm.