Popularity of CBD oil treatments has made it easier to buy online

Most of the country heard about CBD oil for the first time when they watched a family administer it on national television to their young daughter with a severe form of epilepsy. The treatment method of CBD oil in people that suffer from epilepsy has shown that it can reduce and even stop the onset of future seizures. When this family used CBD oil, or water soluble CBD hemp extract, as a treatment for their young daughter, they gave their daughter her life back. Her seizures were once so debilitating that they would cause her to confuse for several hours at a time, and in some cases she would lose consciousness completely. By the time this girl’s family was able to track down a grower that had developed a strain of marijuana plant that was low in THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that is responsible for causing the feeling of being high, and high in CBD, their daughter was having an average of 300 gran mal seizures every week. That is one every 15 minutes! Her parents were desperate to get their daughter some relief, and relief was what they got. With daily administration of CBD oil, their daughters seizures have all but stopped. She now has a chance at a normal life again.

When this family allowed their personal story to be filmed and aired on national television in 2013, the CBD market started to explode. At the time, CBD oil could only be purchased in states where medical or recreation marijuana was legal, but since then, many more states have pushed up their timeline to allow the use of CBD based products in other states. You can even buy CBD oil online and have it (legally) shipped to all 50 states, so even if you do not have the access to a local dispensary, you can still pursue treatments with CBD without having to relocate to a new state.

Before this story aired, with was very difficult to find cannabis products that were low in THC. After all, THC was where the demand was, so why would growers attempt to create strains of plants that were naturally low in this? However, since the publicity that CBD has gained from successful treatment stories such as this one, it is now much easier to find cannabis strains that have little to no THC in them and are high in CBD instead. There are even shops like BIO CBD plus that are focused entirely on cannabis products that are intended for medical use with low levels of THC. The CBD is what interacts with the brain to help stop and slow the onset of seizures as well as a great number of other medical conditions. CBD oil is not just for people with epilepsy either, it can also be used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, low bone density, as an analgesic, as an anti psychotic medication, as a cancer fighting tool, and as treatment to fight the growth and development of tumors.