Look for these four things in the place you buy your custom window shades from.

http://www.uniteddecorators.com/ Whether you’ve been living in your house for years or you just moved in, it’s never a bad time to start thinking about buying new custom window shades. Most homeowners don’t fully grasp just how big of an impact new window shades can have on the look and feel of their home. New window shades not only make your windows look newer, but they help draw attention to the best parts of your home because of the way they catch the light. On top of that, since they haven’t been damaged or had individual shades break, they’re also much better at providing privacy for the homeowner and their family. The bottom line is that new window shades improve both the aesthetic and the function of your windows.

If you’re convinced that you should start looking into buying new shades for your windows, make sure you pick the right store to buy them from. There are thousands of window treatment stores across the country, and not all of them offer the same level of service or quality of product. Here are the four things that you should be looking for when you’re on the hunt for a window shades store.

1. Vast Variety. First, you want to find a window shade company that offers a vast variety of products for you to choose from. When you walk into a store with a lot of different products to offer, the odds are much greater that you’re going to find something that you absolutely love. They should carry everything from blinds and shades to drapes and shutters, and they should have multiple brands of each type of product. Look for stores with a huge selection for you to choose from, and shop there first.

2. Responsive Customer Service. It’s also good to pick a window treatment supplier with responsive customer service. This basically just means that they answer your questions, respond to your phone calls, answer your emails, and give you loads of information about their various products. It’s quite likely that you’re going to have loads of questions about the products they have for sale, so it’s important to pick a company that’s capable and willing to answer.

3. Immense Experience. Experience is important when it comes to picking out a window shades company. You want a company that knows everything there is to know about window shades, and the only way to ensure that the company you’re picking is that business is if they have a great deal of experience. Don’t work with window shades suppliers that have only been open for a few weeks or months.

4. Commitment to Quality. The final thing to look for in a custom window shades business is that they’re fully committed to quality. This means that they only stock their shelves and their showroom with the highest quality products on the market, brands like Hunter Douglas. If they aren’t committed to quality products, then don’t shop with them. If quality is what you’re looking for, one of the first stores you should stop at is United Decorators.