Home pest control services are among the most in demand services today, generating almost a billion dollars each year, and employing thousands of people all over the nation. The wide-spread access to pest control that almost all Americans enjoy today is something which hasn’t been around for all that long. Up until the 1950’s, the concept of home pest control services was still new, and people who had pest problems were usually left to try and battle their problem with a bottle of bug spray. Today however, there are pest control agencies on almost every other corner, in every city in the country. Online, people can find hundreds of sites such as,, and many other sites which allow people to get a pest control team in their house in a matter of hours. Below we will review the basic process of operation for modern pest control teams, as many people may know little about how they operate. Anyone who desires more information on modern pest control should simply talk with a pest control expert in their area, as there is no better source of information than directly from the mouth of a real pest control worker.

One thing which is so often assumed is that pest men come into a house and spray some chemical here and there, and their job is done. In fact, modern pest exterminators have a far more complex process when they come to check on a home the first time. One of the most crucial jobs of the modern pest control worker is to identify what kind of pests a person has in their home. A homeowner might know that she has termites, but what most homeowners don’t know is there are dozens of different kinds of termites, and each is best dealt with in a different way. The reason why so many bug spray and bug bombs that are sold in the supermarket don’t really work is because they are not made to deal with one specific kind of pest. Pest men know a ton about different kinds of bugs, their habits and exactly how to deal with them. After the pest control expert has discovered what kind of insects are hiding in a home, it is time to put the problem to an end.

Another misconception about bug control workers is that their primary tool against pests is a bug spray. In fact, bug sprays are only used for a few types of bugs anymore. The far more common method for dealing with bugs is to place a series of intricate traps all across the home. Traps work better for most pests because they allow pests to bring the poison with them back to their colonies. Sprays only kill the bugs that one might see, but the ones which are out of view are the far more serious problem usually. Today’s bug traps are very advanced in the technology they use, and some of the traps used by the pros today are not only capable of destroying an existing bug problem, but also preventing bugs from coming back for years.