How Do You Know It Is Time To Call In A Roofing Company?

There are some times that it is obvious you need to call in some professional roofers to do a roof repair. If your roof is leaking or there is a section of broken or missing tiles, it is clear that you need to have some work done as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage that happens, and hopefully save you money that would later have to go to a bigger, more expensive repair. There are other times, that a roof repair or a new roof is needed that are not quite as obvious. Let’s address some of those today.

Roof shingles in poor condition can be hiding worse damage

  1. Power Bill- Your roof plays a key role in the insulating of your home. Overtime, it can wear down, have leaks, or other problems that lead to your roofing not doing its job properly. When you roof is no longer in a good condition, your power bills will go up, and your wallet will take the hit. If your power bills seemed to increased over the last couple of years, it might be a good idea to see if your roofing need to be replaced. This is especially true if your roofing is old. The amount you can save monthly on your power bill for the next fifteen or twenty years can really add up.
  2. Appearance- This is probably a more obvious reason to call a residential roofer. A roof that is missing pieces, has broken singles, or is discolored is most likely not going to protect your home as well as a better looking roof. A roof that is looking bad is also going to hurt the curb appeal of your home. Having a roof that looks good is extremely important if you are wanting to sell. Replacing your roof can make a big difference in how quickly you can sale your home.
  3. Granules- If you are seeing mysterious black granules in your yard, on your driveway, or piling up where your gutters deposit water, that is a really good sign it is time to replace your current roof. These granules can come in various sizes, but they are pieces of roof tiles that are breaking off. This means your roof is at risk for damage that will cause leaks or rotting wood.
  4. Attic- Many people do not find themselves checking their attics regularly. This time of year many people are pulling down decorations from being stored in the attic. This is a great opportunity to check your attic. If your attic has wet spots, that is an indication of a roof leak. Another thing to look for is the condition of the support beams and ceiling panels. If these pieces are wet looking or are bowing, that can be a sign that your roof is not doing its job.

If any of these are occurring with your roofing, it is time to call in your trusted residential roofer. Campbell Beard Roofing is a company that you can trust to determine if it is time for a new roof or roof repair, and what materials will be best for your home.