Everything you Need to Know Electrochromic Smart Windows and Where to Buy them


A glass is a great building material that will make our living rooms to be dark, damp, dingy and cold when we do not use it when building our houses. But it has several disadvantages too. It lets in heat and light even when we don’t require it. During summer, the more heat enters your room, the more you are going to use your air conditioners to make your house comfortable.

When people come across the term Smart Windows,’ they always think of a new computer model. But improved technology has made it possible for windows to enhance how you live in your home.

This article will provide information about electrochromic smart windows that you need to know.

What is a Smart Glass Window?

Smart glass uses voltage to interfere with the alignment of small particles that are inside the glass. The glass becomes dark when an electric voltage is switched on and becomes transparent after the voltage is removed. Electrochromic windows are flexible and can be adjusted to your desired visibility. They are constructed using materials that possess electrochromic properties. These materials change their color when the voltage is removed or added. They are also called switchable glasses. The glasses change from translucent to transparent or vice versa.

How Electrochromic Smart windows work


There are different varieties of electrochromic windows available such as photochromic sunglasses which darken in the presence of sunlight others become opaque or translucent when light shines upon them. Photochromic types respond when sunlight strikes them. Electrochromic types change when the voltage is either added or removed from them. Gaschromic types respond when a gas reaction occurs.

Electrochromic smart windows mostly rely on electric voltage for them to change their color. The window contains a conductor that is put between the two glass pieces. The conductor is then connected to the source of power to give the required voltage.

Benefits of Using Electrochromic Windows in Your home

-Saves Cost and keeps Your Home Cool

While ordinary windows offer you an opportunity to view your compound, they are responsible for raising the temperature of your living room. You need to buy expensive curtains to block the light or heat coming from the outside when using ordinary windows.

The good thing about smart glass windows is that you do not require covering them with curtains to prevent excess light and heat from getting into your house. They can regulate the amount of heat and light that gets into your living room by only switching on the electricity.

-Can Be Used as A Projection Screen

One of the awesome things about this glass is that it doubles as a screen used for projections. This benefit will help many homeowners who may want to have a home theater but have limited space.

Where to buy electrochromic windows?

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