Enrolling in fitness classes is a great way to stay motivated.

http://parkertwentymile.extremebodyshaping.com/One of the problems that people have when they’re trying to get into better shape is that they can’t seem to stay motivated. They have big aspirations about how much they’re going to work out, but when the time comes each day for them to head to the gym they find themselves with little energy or motivation to do so. To see this trend occurring in the US, all you have to do is look at how many gym memberships get activated on January 1st and then how many are terminated within a few months. When you look more closely at those memberships, you quickly realize that people came in for a couple of weeks and then they started coming in less and less. Eventually, they stopped altogether, and a few weeks later their membership was canceled. Everyone has big dreams at the beginning of the year, but then reality hits and it’s hard to stay motivated. To be fair, Americans are quite busy, and many people really do have a hard time finding the time to work out. But like with anything, if you were really motivated to do it, you’d find the time.

This is why it’s such a great idea for people who lack motivation to work out to enroll in fitness classes. A fitness class is just a class that a person can take with a bunch of other people and an instructor. They have set times and locations, and once they start the instructor will lead the class through a series of exercises. They might have the class lift some weights while stepping up on boxes, or they might have them do some moves that you might see in a kickboxing class. There are all sorts of fitness classes, but what they have in common is that they occur at set times and they’re led by a certified instructor.

Why are fitness classes so great at keeping people motivated? For one thing, the set times really help. When people know that they’re going to work out for exactly 45 minutes at this time on this day, it’s easier for them to put it into their calendar. If they end up missing it, they have nobody to blame but themselves. On top of that, there’s something about working out with other people that helps people stay motivated. When they know that someone is going to notice that they’re not at their class, it encourages them to actually be there. After all, they don’t want anyone in their class thinking that they don’t have the motivation to work out. It creates accountability, and that helps people stay accountable to their workout regimens. Finally, when you take a fitness class, much like a fitness challenge, someone else creates the workout for you. Thus, you don’t have to come up with what you’re going to do that day. You just show up, and they put you through the workout. If you’re one of the people out there that lacks motivation to work out, seriously think about signing up for fitness classes at a place like Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping.