Choose what works best for you at the medical weight loss clinic

Have you ever wondered what is involved with visiting a medical weight loss clinic?  Here is a brief overview of the initial and followup visits and what is expected of each person involved.  For many individuals who seek help with a medical weight loss clinic, they are at the end of their ropes.  This shouldn’t the case actually.  People try fad diets, changes in clothing, dangerous non-approved drugs, or even starvation to try to shed the pounds.  None of this works because it is working against your body, not with it.  The programs designed by the medical team at a medical weight loss clinic are customized to the person and manufactured specifically to work with your body systems to lose the weight safely.

During your visit at Natural Bio Health, a top-rated medical weight loss facility, you will have a thorough evaluation by several specialists.  It will start with a private weigh-in to get a starting point.  Then you will have some blood drawn to get a full panel.  Next you will get your body composition analyzed, which will give you an estimate of your body mass endocrinologyindex.  After those first evaluations you will be asked about your medical history to point out any particular areas of concern.  You will be given a full physical exam by one of the doctors or physician assistants and lastly, you will meet with your medical team to discuss the findings of everything.  After all of those tests, the discussion is the most important part.  You and your medical professional will have a one-on-one conversation about your current status and about your goals and realities.  With the results in front of you, you can see which parts of your endocrinology may be lacking and preventing you from achieving success in weight loss in the past.  After a plan is set that includes nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and suggested supplements or additional procedures, you will go off and start your new life.

Follow up visits with your medical weight loss clinic specialist will be scheduled every week or every other week after your initial visit.  These are mainly to check in on how you are doing and to take an updated weight for comparison.  During these follow-up visits you will have another private weight in and blood pressure taken.  This is the time to ask questions about new things encountered and to get advice on how to handle certain situations.  You will be given educational materials if needed.

Keeping the weight off is as important to the staff at Natural Bio Health as it is to you.  This shared goal will keep both parties invested in success.  Don’t feel like you need to keep pushing through on your own if don’t have to.   Stop in to see the friendly faces at Natural Bio Health when you need some motivation, a massage, or even some vitamin and mineral infusions.  The supplements on hand can give you that extra energy you need to continue on.  We know weight loss can be rough and we have invested in your success.