Boudoir Shoots for Everyone

Most women interested in plus size boudoir photography often wonder whether such a photo session is similar or different to others. The answer to this is both yes and no. First off, it is important to make it clear that the layout of this kind of photo session is just like any other in terms of prepping and planning. This is because it largely involves the client and photographer talking beforehand so that they both know what to expect. Other aspects may include arranging for a professional makeup artist, hairstylist, picking wardrobe options, settings, and clarifying any small detail.

Actual shoot

• Once you arrive at the studio, your boudoir photographer will start setting up the studio for your session. They will advise and provide you with critical insight about how to make your plus size shoot a wonderful and exhilarating experience. This is because some women with curvy bodies often feel shy about exposing their physique to people. As a result, during the first stages of the session, the photographer will help you ease in to the idea of having such a photo shoot.

• During a plus size boudoir photo-shoot, the client will decide how naked they want to be. You can have a lingerie photo shoot based on the kind of items you want to wear; it will be up to you. The idea behind this is to make the woman having the photos taken as comfortable as they possibly can be. There should be absolutely no pressure for you to perform.

• With a plus size boudoir photo-shoot, the experience is designed to be a rather private one, with just the client and photographer. Such an environment allows even the shyest curvy woman to let go of their insecurities and embrace the true essence of their beautiful body.

• With a plus size boudoir photo-shoot, there is also specialized lighting that will ensure that your skin, body, and every aspect your being is well and beautifully presented. The truth is that curvy women have a lot to offer in terms of photos. This is because their bodies are so diverse and have much to offer to the photographers’ lenses. With proper lighting in the studio, all these elements can be presented in not only a beautiful way, but also an elegant one.

What you can bring to the studio

When preparing for a plus size boudoir photo-shoot, the following are some of the items you can carry with you depending on your likes, preferences, and the kind of shoot you want to have.

• You can carry with you a basque or corset for synchronizing your waist with your body so that your chest is well emphasized. Just remember to make sure it is tight and can adequately lift your chest.

• Another great idea is bring along with you some French knickers. This is because they often create a flattering and sexy line showing off your behind.

• You can also talk to your photographer beforehand and see what other items you can bring with you.

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