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Choose what works best for you at the medical weight loss clinic

Have you ever wondered what is involved with visiting a medical weight loss clinic?  Here is a brief overview of the initial and followup visits and what is expected of each person involved.  For many individuals who seek help with a medical weight loss clinic, they are at the end of their ropes.  This shouldn’t the case actually.  People try fad diets, changes in clothing, dangerous non-approved drugs, or even starvation to try to shed the pounds.  None of this works because it is working against your body, not with it.  The programs designed by the medical team at a medical weight loss clinic are customized to the person and manufactured specifically to work with your body systems to lose the weight safely.

During your visit at Natural Bio Health, a top-rated medical weight loss facility, you will have a thorough evaluation by several specialists.  It will start with a private weigh-in to get a starting point.  Then you will have some blood drawn to get a full panel.  Next you will get your body composition analyzed, which will give you an estimate of your body mass endocrinologyindex.  After those first evaluations you will be asked about your medical history to point out any particular areas of concern.  You will be given a full physical exam by one of the doctors or physician assistants and lastly, you will meet with your medical team to discuss the findings of everything.  After all of those tests, the discussion is the most important part.  You and your medical professional will have a one-on-one conversation about your current status and about your goals and realities.  With the results in front of you, you can see which parts of your endocrinology may be lacking and preventing you from achieving success in weight loss in the past.  After a plan is set that includes nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and suggested supplements or additional procedures, you will go off and start your new life.

Follow up visits with your medical weight loss clinic specialist will be scheduled every week or every other week after your initial visit.  These are mainly to check in on how you are doing and to take an updated weight for comparison.  During these follow-up visits you will have another private weight in and blood pressure taken.  This is the time to ask questions about new things encountered and to get advice on how to handle certain situations.  You will be given educational materials if needed.

Keeping the weight off is as important to the staff at Natural Bio Health as it is to you.  This shared goal will keep both parties invested in success.  Don’t feel like you need to keep pushing through on your own if don’t have to.   Stop in to see the friendly faces at Natural Bio Health when you need some motivation, a massage, or even some vitamin and mineral infusions.  The supplements on hand can give you that extra energy you need to continue on.  We know weight loss can be rough and we have invested in your success.

Tips to follow when doing your own window installation from start to finish

If you are making the leap to finally replace all of those old windows in your house, there are a few tips and tricks to follow to ensure that all is done correctly.  If windows are not installed properly they will give you problems for life.  So take this window installation part very seriously  because it could haunt you for life if it goes poorly.  This is a list of details that you should be sure not to miss when doing your own window installation.

  1. Functionality.  This seems like it should be obvious but some people overlook it because they assume that “the kinks will work out” after using the window for a while.  If it is not functioning absolutely perfectly then there is something off that could only get worse, not better.  Make sure all is running smoothly  before you call it a day so that nothing comes back to bite later when it is too late.
  2. Energy Efficiency.  When you purchase your new windows be sure to check out the energy ratings.  There are a lot of numbers so you can ask the sales person to help with deciphering them.  But some windows are more highly rated than others when it comes to energy efficiency.  If that is important to you then don’t compromise.  Investing in windows that are proven to keep the air where you want it will prove to be well worth it.
  3. Multiple Panes.  Purchasing windows with two or three panes is also very helpful replacement windowswith energy efficiency.  The multiple panes are a bit more expensive but they pay for themselves fairly quickly.  There is usually some sort of gas between the panes that helps with insulation and sound.  When you live in a cold city, these windows are perfect for your front room to keep out the noise and the frigid air.
  4. Get an exact fit.  If even just one little portion of the entire window installation is off then it could compromise the function and fit.  When a level is not right or a pane is not sliding, it will create a domino effect of small problems.  You want to make sure you check all of this before you put the final touches on because you can’t go back.  Check before the caulking is set and the trip is placed so that you don’t have to rip it off later.
  5. Get New Trim.  Again, this might not seem like a big deal but let’s be honest about how bad it looks when people reuse their trim.  It can definitely cut the cost if you are doing a lot of windows, but the old trim was designed to fit an old window.  The new trim will look fresher and will fit this new window exactly as it should.  Please do us all a favor and get some new trim.  It’s not really that expensive, is it?

So keep all of this in mind when shopping for new windows or installing them yourself so that it all goes smoothly and your house looks a million times better.

The story of the Moscow Mule and its copper mug

Do you know the story of the original Moscow mule?  Today it is a popular drink in bars and restaurants as is known for the way it is served in an engraved copper mug.  But do you know why?  Well – here is the story.

The original Moscow mule was created back in 1941 at a bar in Hollywood.  The owner of a bar called Cock’N’Bull was having trouble selling his stock of Smirnoff Vodka as well as his house-made ginger beer.  The head bartender at the time just wanted to get rid of the stuff, so he combined them and started selling them to customers.  At the same time, a Russian immigrant named Sophie Berezinski made her way to California with about 2,000 copper mugs that were made in her father’s copper shop back home.  Her husband was bothered that she carted them all the way across the world only to let them take up space in their home.  So she tried selling them on the streets of Los Angeles.  After some time, she finally found the owners of the Cock’N’Bull who were willing to buy them.  The bartender thought they were necessary to make his new drink stand out since it was just a combination of liquors created to clear out the basement.  And thus was born the iconic Moscow mule served in a copper mug.

At the same time that the Cock’N’Bull car created a new iconic drink, they also made Moscow mule mugSmirnoff Vodka become famous.  Before the Moscow mule became popular, Smirnoff was a very small company created by a Russian immigrant.  It was sold to an American who managed to get it into the hands of the bartender at the Cock’N’Bull at just the right moment.  Because Smirnoff was not well known, it was rarely ordered and the bartender was forced to use it in his new creation.  From then on, Smirnoff because the signature vodka to be used in a Moscow mule.  Years later, when United States-U.S.S.R. tires became hostile, a rumor began that Smirnoff was Russian-made and thus bad for the country.  No one realized that the company was purchased from a Russian ex-pat a while ago.  Bartenders in New York City began boycotting the vodka due to its Russian ties, and eventually started a full-on boycott of Moscow mules.  All the while, Smirnoff as a company originated in Connecticut.

The original Moscow mule does have ties to Russia with the ex-pat first creating Smirnoff in Connecticut, as well as another ex-pat who sold her father’s copper mugs to the Cock’N’Bull.  But the drink itself was created in Hollywood and named after those who created the vodka and the custom copper serving mugs.  All the elements come together to make this unique cocktail that is revered in bars and restaurants all over the country today.  The original copper mugs and the cocktail itself just recently made a come back and are now more popular than ever.  The copper mugs themselves are a hot commodity that make any drink served in it special.

Lasik surgery is still creating happy patients

There is a reason why Lasik treatments and surgeries are still so popular after their arrival way back in the mid 1990s – its because they change your life.  The FDA officially Eye Center of Texasapproved the use of Lasik surgery as safe for patients in 1995, although testing had begun well back into the 1970s and 1980s.  The technical term for Lasik is refractive surgery, as it described the actual procedure that corrects common vision problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.  With the surgical change, patients are no longer dependent upon prescription glasses or contacts to see and the results are literally life changing.  Although there are several refractive surgeries that exist, Lasik is still the most common and more popular due to its short recovery time and painlessness.

The choice in eye surgery depends on your eyes.  Some conditions make a certain person an unfit candidate for Lasik eye treatments or surgery, such as a misshapen eye.  With Lasik, your cornea is peeled back and replaced once the lens underneath is smoothed out.  Usually patients take some sort of light sedative and/or pain medication prior to the treatment, which makes them pretty groggy during.  After the surgery they are sent home to sleep for a day and night and once they wake their vision is corrected.  It has been hailed as the miracle surgery of its time.  The only downside is that there is a very small percentage of cornea flaps that do not reattach and can cause problems.  In some extremely rare instances, the cornea flap becomes dislodged years after surgery through a traumatic event.  For this reason, there are a few other types of surgeries that use the same corrective strategy but do not remove and replace a cornea flap.

PRK is another alternative to Lasik, although the overall strategy and goals are the same.  The surgeries are almost identical, and they pretty much are if you are the patient.  But rather than cutting a flap, PRK scrapes the cornea smooth so that is must be regrown.  This obviously requires a longer recovery time, which is why it is not as popular.  The end results, however, are exactly the same and with PRK there is no cut flap because the entire cornea is restored over time.  Some patients claim that with any eye surgery there is some “halo-ing” at night with street lights or headlights.  But that is really the only negative feedback.  Also, if your vision changes for some reason due to an unrelated medical condition, there is no way to have the corrective surgery again because your eye cannot recover like that more than once.

No matter which professional eye center you choose to handle your laser eye surgery, make sure they are accredited and have board certified ophthalmologists on staff.  Optometrists are also well trained and knowledgeable doctors, but they are trained only in matters of the eye whereas ophthalmologists are trained in all aspects of the body in medical school and are therefore better equipped to oversee surgeries.

Another reason why the home inspection is so important during a sale

It is now a “flipper’s” market in many cities around the country.  Neighborhoods and towns radon testingare being resurrected by flippers who are buying old, abandoned, or just run-down houses and turning them into something bring and new again.  This wave has caught on in recent years with the support of shows on television that glorify the business.  In reality, it’s not easy to flip a house and you need the cash up front to do so.  You also need the skill and ability to do pretty much everything yourself to save money.  If this describes you or someone you know, you probably already know what a home inspection when buying a house to flip is pretty important.  Often people buy houses “as is” because they are listed much lower without updates.  This is ideal for the flipper because they do the hard part themselves at a lower price.

An inspection is crucial to flippers because it gives them an official report on the things that they absolutely have to maintain while fixing the place up.  Most people who flip houses already have a good idea of what needs to be fixed, but having this professional analysis also covers them legally if they missed something.  Most inspectors are nationally certified, which gives them quite a lot of clout.  If an inspector missed something on the report, and you also missed it during a renovation, the buyer of the home can’t hold you down legally for it because you really didn’t know about it.  Of course, an inspector’s primary goal is to make sure a home will be safe for a new owner.  When a flipper gets an inspection pre and post flip, they will be doing all they can to make sure the home was fixed up properly and is ready to make a new owner happy.

If you are flipping homes in Colorado, your best choice for a home inspection would be A Better Home Inspection of Colorado.  They have inspected over 2500 homes in the area so they know the codes by heart.  The owner was actually a home flipper before he started his own inspection company.  He is nationally certified and also is a member of the Better Business Bureau.  The right or wrong home inspector can make all the difference during a home purchase and flip.  This is definitely not a cheap process, but if you try to save money  by hiring an inspector that is not certified or not a true professional you could end up paying big later on for the things they missed.  The technicians from A Better Home Inspection of Colorado are all well trained and extremely knowledgeable in their field.  They crawl under the porch and on top of the roof to analyze every square inch of a property to ensure a full and accurate report.  So Colorado flippers rejoice!  You now have a trusted inspector to help you get on your way to flipping as many homes as you would like this year.

Are you in the market for a shared office space?

If you’re trying to find a new environment for yourself and/or for your employees, there are a couple of options.  How do you know which is the best fit for your particular business?  And how can you tell if your employees will be happy and productive in a particular space?  Those are not easy questions to answer, but with a little research and some experimentation you can find the best solution to make your company thrive on the inside and out.  A good place to start is to consider which types of office spaces you can afford and which are overall attainable.

If your company is growing pretty quickly, you might have already considered renting or virtual spaceleasing an office space with all the amenities that you will need.  Of course you will need desk and office space, but you also need a mail room, kitchen, printer/copier room, and possibly a locked room to store confidential information.  This can add up space-wise pretty quickly so you need to consider just how much you are willing to spend on an office.  Many buildings that lease to business owners only offer a multiple year lease so that they can cover their bases.  For some businesses this is not a problem because they are large and profitable enough.  However, if you are just beginning to grow you might not be able to afford a 3 year lease all at once.  You also may worry that you won’t always have the staff size to fill such a place.

If any of those last concerns listed sound like where you might be right now, then maybe consider the use of a shared office space instead.  Shared or coworking offices are visually identical to a leased office with all of the workers, equipment, and specialized rooms that you could need.  However, the difference is that the space is rented out to many different businesses and freelancers who work in the same office but do very different things.  There are quite a few options when you rent a shared office because they were built to meet the needs of a variety of businesses and business owners.  There is usually one large business lounge with tables, desk, chairs, and couches where interaction and networking is encouraged.  There are also quiet areas where you can grab a corner in silence for a few hours.  When you rent your space from Office Evolution Chicago, you will also have the luxury of a full kitchen and 4 separate conference rooms with all the necessary hookups for digital meetings and shared media.  Coworking spaces are also loads cheaper than a leased space because you can rent as you go if desired.  This means you can pay for the hour or for the month or anything in between and you won’t get overcharged for space that you’re not even using.

The different possibilities that arise with renting, owning, or leasing office space for your business can be overwhelming.  The best strategy is to first consider what you can afford, and second consider what your employees would actually prefer.