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The Basics of Canoeing

Canoeing can be a really enjoyable activity for many people. It is a great way to enjoy the water, and depending on the canoe and the kind of experience you want, a great way to stay dry while enjoying it. Before heading out on a lake or down a river on a canoe trip, it is important to know the basic strokes to move forward, backward, and turn around. Mastering these strokes with your partner before you get too far from shore is a good idea.

The first thing is to make sure you know how to hold the paddle. The hand away from the water is the hand that grips the top of the paddle. Always keep a hand on it so you do not injure another person. The other hand should go further down the shaft. You want to always have your paddle so the broad side of the paddle makes the most contact with the water to move efficiently.

To move forward, move the paddle above the water in front of you as far as you comfortably can without moving. Then, put your paddle in with the broad part down and pull until the paddle moves as far behind you as comfortable. Your partner should be doing the same stroke at the same pace as you, but on the other side of the canoe. Then, you switch sides and repeat.

To move backwards, you do the same thing but in reverse. Take your paddle above the water, and move it as far back as you comfortably can and move it forward. If you and your partner do this at the same time, it will result in moving backwards.

Turning will take a little more coordination. One of you will need to paddle forward, while the other paddles backwards. It is essential that you are doing this at the same rate and in time with one another. If you are the one paddling backwards, repeat the backwards movement until you have reached the desired direction. If you are the one paddling forward, repeat the forward paddle until you are facing the desired direction.

No matters what direction you want to go, always remember to paddle at the same time. If for some reason you are beginning to turn, when you do not want to, double check the paddles. You should both be paddling at the same rate, on opposite sides of the canoe, and you should both be using your paddle in a way that the broad surface makes the most contact possible with the water. This will result in the most resistance which means the most movement.

If you are looking for a great place to rent a canoe and get all the other gear that you might need on a canoe trip, Outfitters Ely or Spirit of The Wilderness, is the destination you want. They even have guided trips available. Outfitters also has rental for other gear for camping, fishing, and kayaks. You will find everything you need and will be able to get it from knowledge employees with a love of nature.

The Best Anti-Bullying Programs Start At Home

Bullying is a huge problem today. It seems like every couple of days, there is a new story on a news of a child that successfully committed suicide as a result of being bullied. Sometimes, the parents were aware and working hard with school officials to help their child. Other times, the parents were totally unaware there was a problem until it was already too late.

It seems like with the invention of the internet and the access to social media with smart devices, children who are bullied do not get a break. The bullying follows them home and keeps hitting them over and over again. With no break, no relief, and no end in sight, many choose to attempt and some are successful at committing suicide. This is why parents need to start their own anti-bullying programs at home. This is not just to protect their children from becoming victims, it is also to prevent them from becoming the bully.

One of the biggest tools we can give our children is the gift of emotional intelligence and empathy. Children who are emphatic are less likely to become bullies because they have the ability to understand how the other person is feeling. If they understand that their words and actions can cause someone else real pain, they are less likely to think it is just them being funny or teasing.

Emotional intelligence and empathy are not as natural to all children, but we can help foster emotional intelligence as part of our personal anti-bullying program. A good way to help emotional intelligence grow is by helping a child label their feeling. Encouraging a child to shut down their feelings or “just get over” something will not teach this. Taking the time to say “You must feel pretty disappoint that the rain canceled your field trip.” or “I would be pretty mad if someone broke my favorite toy too.” can be powerful. This acknowledges that your child has a strong feeling and gives them a name for it. From there, we can help them learn nonviolent forms of communication to handle their emotions.

Nonviolent forms of communication can help our children have tools to solve problems and avoid handling conflicts like a bully. These tools can be powerful and help a child feel more in control of their emotions and their lives. This can help children have significantly, and stopping one child from becoming a bully or teaching them to stand up to a bully, can make a difference in countless other lives.

A great resource to learn more about anti-bullying programs and nonviolent forms of communication is Nonviolent Forms of Communication For the Next Generation. Their website and facebook group has links that can help you as a parent or teacher learn the best ways to support your children and students to change the world for the next generation. They even have many workshops and programs that can be very beneficial and informative that you can look into as well.

How Do You Know It Is Time To Call In A Roofing Company?

There are some times that it is obvious you need to call in some professional roofers to do a roof repair. If your roof is leaking or there is a section of broken or missing tiles, it is clear that you need to have some work done as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage that happens, and hopefully save you money that would later have to go to a bigger, more expensive repair. There are other times, that a roof repair or a new roof is needed that are not quite as obvious. Let’s address some of those today.

Roof shingles in poor condition can be hiding worse damage

  1. Power Bill- Your roof plays a key role in the insulating of your home. Overtime, it can wear down, have leaks, or other problems that lead to your roofing not doing its job properly. When you roof is no longer in a good condition, your power bills will go up, and your wallet will take the hit. If your power bills seemed to increased over the last couple of years, it might be a good idea to see if your roofing need to be replaced. This is especially true if your roofing is old. The amount you can save monthly on your power bill for the next fifteen or twenty years can really add up.
  2. Appearance- This is probably a more obvious reason to call a residential roofer. A roof that is missing pieces, has broken singles, or is discolored is most likely not going to protect your home as well as a better looking roof. A roof that is looking bad is also going to hurt the curb appeal of your home. Having a roof that looks good is extremely important if you are wanting to sell. Replacing your roof can make a big difference in how quickly you can sale your home.
  3. Granules- If you are seeing mysterious black granules in your yard, on your driveway, or piling up where your gutters deposit water, that is a really good sign it is time to replace your current roof. These granules can come in various sizes, but they are pieces of roof tiles that are breaking off. This means your roof is at risk for damage that will cause leaks or rotting wood.
  4. Attic- Many people do not find themselves checking their attics regularly. This time of year many people are pulling down decorations from being stored in the attic. This is a great opportunity to check your attic. If your attic has wet spots, that is an indication of a roof leak. Another thing to look for is the condition of the support beams and ceiling panels. If these pieces are wet looking or are bowing, that can be a sign that your roof is not doing its job.

If any of these are occurring with your roofing, it is time to call in your trusted residential roofer. Campbell Beard Roofing is a company that you can trust to determine if it is time for a new roof or roof repair, and what materials will be best for your home.