Are you in the market for a shared office space?

If you’re trying to find a new environment for yourself and/or for your employees, there are a couple of options.  How do you know which is the best fit for your particular business?  And how can you tell if your employees will be happy and productive in a particular space?  Those are not easy questions to answer, but with a little research and some experimentation you can find the best solution to make your company thrive on the inside and out.  A good place to start is to consider which types of office spaces you can afford and which are overall attainable.

If your company is growing pretty quickly, you might have already considered renting or virtual spaceleasing an office space with all the amenities that you will need.  Of course you will need desk and office space, but you also need a mail room, kitchen, printer/copier room, and possibly a locked room to store confidential information.  This can add up space-wise pretty quickly so you need to consider just how much you are willing to spend on an office.  Many buildings that lease to business owners only offer a multiple year lease so that they can cover their bases.  For some businesses this is not a problem because they are large and profitable enough.  However, if you are just beginning to grow you might not be able to afford a 3 year lease all at once.  You also may worry that you won’t always have the staff size to fill such a place.

If any of those last concerns listed sound like where you might be right now, then maybe consider the use of a shared office space instead.  Shared or coworking offices are visually identical to a leased office with all of the workers, equipment, and specialized rooms that you could need.  However, the difference is that the space is rented out to many different businesses and freelancers who work in the same office but do very different things.  There are quite a few options when you rent a shared office because they were built to meet the needs of a variety of businesses and business owners.  There is usually one large business lounge with tables, desk, chairs, and couches where interaction and networking is encouraged.  There are also quiet areas where you can grab a corner in silence for a few hours.  When you rent your space from Office Evolution Chicago, you will also have the luxury of a full kitchen and 4 separate conference rooms with all the necessary hookups for digital meetings and shared media.  Coworking spaces are also loads cheaper than a leased space because you can rent as you go if desired.  This means you can pay for the hour or for the month or anything in between and you won’t get overcharged for space that you’re not even using.

The different possibilities that arise with renting, owning, or leasing office space for your business can be overwhelming.  The best strategy is to first consider what you can afford, and second consider what your employees would actually prefer.