All You Need to Know About Custom Blinds

By coordinating custom shutters with the decor, you can add a chic touch. If you are looking to sell your house, then it’s a good idea to invest some money on window blinds and shutter as according to a recent study it has been found to increase the resale value of the property by multiplier effect due to its numerable advantages.

Easy to maintain

Unlike curtains, and other windows covering shutters are easy to maintain and last for a very long time. This Hunter Douglas shutter proves to be an asset for life if they are taken care off. As far as maintenance is concerned, it’s very straightforward, all that is required is to wipe and dust them whenever they get to start gathering dust. There is no use to buy expensive strong cleaning agents; just a dab of water on the piece of cloth would do the job. If care is taken, then all you would have to do is repaint it after several years if the color starts to fade away.

Helps in conserving energy

Basswood plantation shutters can be custom made according to the size of the window and door, therefore fit correctly, and thus providing a significant amount of insulation. Therefore it helps in retaining heat during winters and allows ventilation during summers. If you wish to get more insulation with flexible panels, then these can be prepared according to the client’s needs and requirements. These help in conserving energy as it allows the rooms to retain heat during colder days and maintains the room temperature when cooled during warmer days.

Privacy and control

The best part about shutters and blinds is that along with the control for the amount of light and ventilation you can be assured of total privacy. With the help of adjustable panels you can see outside from within the room, but the view from inside is restricted, thus providing the much-needed privacy. There are various shutters which are available in a variety of slat size ranging from the classic to custom made.


Shutter and blinds come in a variety of designs and material. Some can be very expensive in case of the wooden screen, however, on the other hand, The best part about cheaper curtain is that, yet they are simple and less costly, but do provide a contemporary look.

Pvc plantation shutters act as a superb integrated blind and help in providing a room darkening effect. If you are working from home and using a computer or love to enjoy your home theatre system, then you would appreciate the beauty of blackout blinds and shutter.

Do you have a problem while working on your computer during the day, due to excess sunshine, With integrated blinds on shutters, now you can get comfortably work on your laptop, experience a cinema at your home or grab a couple of hours of sleep which you lost at night.

If your house is on a busy road, then by making use of both the blind and the shutter would also help in the reduction of traffic noise and pollution.