A Step-by-Step Guide When Choosing the Best House Painting Contractor

Are you looking for the fastest way to curb the appeal of your home? Well, the secret is getting a fresh coat of paint. While you might be tempted to turn your exterior painting into a do-it-yourself job, the task should be left to a professional. Just like any other worthwhile project, finding a reputable contractor is a step-by-step process. Here is what to look for when hiring the best house painting contractors.

Explore your options

There is no shortcut when trying to locate the best painting contractors. The best way is to contact people who have used them. Ask your friends and relatives about their experience. While a word of mouth may be convincing enough, it’s important that you invite the contractor to access the condition of your home. To get a realistic estimate, he will have to do a quick walk around your home. Use the past work to evaluate the skill level of the contractors.

State your expectations

The determining factor of the price of the project is the number of quotes a painter applies on the wall. The quote should be transparent, meaning you should be fully aware of what needs to be done. While you’ll get multiple bids, you should avoid choosing a prospect simply because they have the lowest bid. Make sure you collect at least three bids before making your investment decision.

Interview the candidates

One of the reasons clients end up dissatisfied is that they do not ask the right questions. A general rule of thumb is to treat the candidate like a job interview. Nonetheless, you should be respectful when asking questions. Some of the questions you should ask include the level of experience and the size of the crew. It’s also a good idea to ensure the contractor is insured and licensed. This is absolutely critical as it protects your home and other workers on the site.

You should also ask for a guarantee in case of any peeling, chipping, flaking or blistering. Not only that, the contractor should advise on the best materials to use and which products perform better or look nicer. One sign of a good contractor is clear and open communication. Plus, he should prioritize on durability and the quality of finish.

Get a detailed estimate

Before you make your final decision, get a detailed estimate from the contractor. It should include the material cost, a breakdown of labor, and description of the surface to be painted. Needless to say, you should factor in the size of the property, day rates, architectural features and the quality of paint you need. While price is always a determining factor, it should not be your first consideration. Instead, you should pay attention to the level of experience and safety issues. Look for a professional who will transform your house into something you’re proud of.


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