What are the most expensive colored diamonds for custom jewelry?

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A common question that a Denver jeweler will get when creating custom pieces for a client is: are colored diamonds more expensive than clear diamonds? Clear diamonds, also known as white diamonds, colorless diamonds or D-grade diamonds are the ones most people think of when they imagine engagement rings. These diamonds can be extremely expensive especially if they are high carat and flawless. Colorless diamonds make up more than 99% of the world’s diamond mining export, so it would make sense that colored diamonds, which are far more rare when naturally occurring, would cost a buyer considerably more than its colorless counterpart. This is not always the case however, mostly because the demand for colorless diamonds because of engagement rings and jewelry is much higher, meaning the price stays relatively high.

That does not mean, though that colored diamonds are cheap. In fact, pop culture often points our focus to huge pink diamonds, canary diamonds or blue diamonds that celebrities sport after high profile engagements. Whenever and uncommon diamond gets air time due to a celebrity, it is no surprise that there is a small spike in price for those type of diamonds, particularly because they are curious to people who do not know a lot about diamonds. Because celebrities are thought of as rich and affluent, any kind of jewelry they sport is assumed to be the most expensive money can buy. Curious people will want to know more about diamonds they have not heard of such as pink diamonds or canary diamonds.

Generally speaking, pink, blue, green, purple and orange diamonds are some of the most expensive diamonds and are often very striking conversation starters, especially when incorporated into custom engagement rings. Colored diamonds make for great engagement rings to a non-traditional bride because they are so unique and special. Even a smaller carat diamond in color may seem more impressive and interesting than a larger carat colorless, white, or D-grade diamond.

The most expensive colored diamond by far, however, is the red diamond. It is so rare that some suggest a pure red diamond does not even exist. Diamonds in shades of red brown and red violet have been found, some as expensive as half a million dollars per carat, but so far, no one has discovered a pure red diamond.

Though some colored diamonds can be more expensive than colorless, white, or D-grade diamonds, there are still a lot of colorless, white or D-grade diamonds that can easily break the bank. For those looking at diamonds, colored versus colorless should be based on the style and preference of the wearer more than anything else. To someone unique and edgy, a smaller, colored diamond may be more desirable to them than a larger colorless or white diamond, which may seem common or plain by comparison. Whether someone is looking for a colored or colorless diamond, they should be able to find something beautiful and special in their price range once they work with a jeweler who can help them find what they are looking for.