Top 5 window styles to make your home look beautiful

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The type of window you choose to have in your home can really contribute to overall value and curb appeal. When one looks at a home, one of the first things they notice on the exterior is the windows. Clean, well-maintained windows can do much for the way a house looks. In the interior of a home, windows are often one of the first things people notice because it dictates how much light gets into the home at any given time of day. Paying special attention to the style of window in your home can contribute the vibe and aesthetic in both the interior and exterior of your home. If you are confused about what type of window might be the most attractive in your home, don’t worry. This is a common concern and one that can be alleviated by exploring some of the options available to you. The list below contains five of the most popular options for windows.

  1. Single hung windows- This is an extremely common type of window for a very good reason: it looks good and is functional in most types of homes. A single hung window is the classic style that opens from the bottom and slides upwards. This lets air in through the panel and can bring fresh air into a room.
  2. Double hung windows- This is another very common type of window and is equally, if not more functional than its single hung counterpart. A double hung window has two panels: one panel on the bottom that slides upwards and one panel on the top that slides downwards. Opening the top panel is a quick way to suck warm air out of a room and cool it down quickly.
  3. Bay window- A beautiful, classic window type, bay windows are windows that bow outwards to provide a tad more floor space as well as a lovely area for a window seat if desired. Bay windows maximize light because they can allow light in from more angles than a regular, flat window.
  4. Arched windows- Whether you choose to have these windows open or not, they provide a heavy dose of style to any home. Arched windows feel regal and can be a good choice for awkward spaces like lofts, attics and staircases with high ceilings.
  5. Storm windows- If you live in an area with particularly heavy storms, it may be smart to get storm windows. Storm windows are not a particular type of window, but rather a separate window placed on the outside of your existing windows to provide an extra layer of protection and security. Window installation for storm windows is important and must be done by professionals for full effectiveness.

There are many other window types to consider as well, but these are a few very popular options. If you are interested in looking at more types of windows, it is smart to seek out a professional company such as Lifetime Windows and Siding to help guide you through your many options and help you find what will look and function best for you and your home.