The top 4 questions you should always ask when leasing a car

If you are a first time auto leaser, then you probably are doing extra research so that you can be sure that you have a positive auto leasing experience. Part of making sure that you walk away from the car leasing service happy is to make sure that you are informed and that you are asking the right questions when you go in to sign your lease. These are the most common questions that you should never forget to ask before you sign a car lease:

1. How many miles are included in the lease? Leasing a car is different than buying a car for many reasons, and it is important to remember that once you drive your leased vehicle off of the lot, you are not simply free to do with it whatever you want. The car leasing service is going to impose restrictions on you and the car, and one of those restrictions is the number of miles that you can drive on the vehicle per year. It is standard for a car leasing service to impose a 10,000 to 15,000 mile limit per year. This is the average number of miles that a person drives per year anyway, so as long as you do not have a very far commute or plan to use the car for long distance driving, you should be fine. It is important to note that if you go over the mileage limit specified in your lease, then you will have to pay extra for each mile over that you drive. THis can really add up over time, so make sure that you are aware of the number of miles you think you will drive in year.

2. What kind of wear and tear charges to you impose? If you damage the vehicle while you are leasing it, the leasing service is going to expect you to pay for it. While normal wear and tear is expected and also allowed, some people have reported that their leasing company has gotten really nit picky with the things that they will charge you for. It should be expressly stated in you leaser what kind of damages that they will charge you for at the end of the lease. If they are not willing to be specific, then find another leading company that is.

3. Does the lease include gap insurance? Where there are some situations where gap insurance may not be needed, those are mostly in the minority, so you should always plan to get gap insurance when you are leasing a car. Sometimes this is provided in the leasing agreement for an additional fee, but more often you will have to find a company on your own to write you a policy for gap insurance.

4. What kind of down payment do they want for the car? The down payment can actually be negotiable, so do not hesitate to try to bargain with them when it comes time to pay the down payment. You will be happy that you did.