Safety advice for using extraction equipment 

Making butane hash oil is a complex process, and one that is riddled with all kinds of safety hazards. Yet more and more people are attempting to make this on their own. Here is the best safety advice we can give you for making your own butane hash oil:

Use up to date equipment – make sure that any kind of extraction equipment that you are using has bee purchased new and inspect it carefully before you start to use it. Something as simple as a blown gasket could lead to disaster.

Do not blast in the open air – You should never, ever conduct your extractions in the open air. Not only is this incredibly dangerous and likely to lead to an explosion, but it is also very wasteful. Butane hash oil, for example, should always be blasted in a closed loop extraction system. This kind of system keeps all of the butane gas contained and prevents it from leaking out, which is when it can start causing problems.

Work in a well ventilated place. If you are making butane hash oil at home despite our recommendations not to, then at the very least you should always make sure that you are working outside or in a lab that is well ventilated. That is because substances like butane are heavy gasses that will sink the ground if they escape and they do not quickly dissipate. If you try to do an extraction in your kitchen and some of the butane escapes, you will have no way of knowing. At least not until you trigger a spark that causes it to catch fire. Butane gas has no odor, no color, and no smell. A well ventilated area in a lab will make sure that the room is cleared out and all the air is recycled on a regular basis.

Reduce any risk of electrical shock. Do not work in an area where there is a potential for a spark to be set off. For example, if you have a gas stove, you should most definitely not be doing extractions in your kitchen. Another piece of advice is that you should never, under any circumstances, smoke or test out your products in the same area that you made them.

Always follow the proper safety precautions. Follow all of the safety advice listed on your extraction equipment and do not be afraid to ask questions. Seek out a professional to come and observe your process the first couple of times if possible. Make sure there are no ignition sources anywhere near the lab area, and follow all of the recommended steps to reduce static shock while you are in the lab: wear the right clothing and shoes, and make sure that the fans are covered with static resistance ducting.

Get your materials from a reputable source. You want to make sure that you are working with a good quality butane gas, as well as good quality marijuana plant before you start the extraction. Your hash oil is only going to be as good as your original plant, so make sure that you are starting out with high quality ingredients.