Five Points to Help You Find a Great Residential Interior Decorator

There are many points to ponder when looking for a design professional. Constructing your own checklist is a great place to start. This will ensure you have put the proper thought into what your priorities are, and what you hope to accomplish. As with hiring any professional, there are basic needs to consider, but in this post we are going to dig a little deeper. When dealing with a residential decorator in a professional setting, there any many additional things to consider apart from the normal list.

  1. What do you expect from the design professional? When considering how this fits, it is a good idea to begin to make a list of your expectations. This is a crucial piece for hiring any professional, but is especially pertinent when hiring a residential interior designer. There are many reasons you have decided to hire someone, and you http://www.andreaschumacherinteriors.comshould itemized the list. You should have it readily available for any and all discussions.
  2. What is your design taste? Do you prefer mid-modern as a look? Or, do you prefer a more traditional look and feel. These are all very important to make know to the designer. They need to fully understand your taste, and understand your expectations. What you want is the foundation of why you may have hired the designer. Talk with them in-depth about your expectations. The last outcome you would want is to have them go down a path of something you dislike. There will be an expense to this, and you don’t want to see your investment wasted on something that you do not like.
  3. What design aspects do you need them to bring to the table? At this point you should have made clear your likes and dislikes. However, what do you need from them? Think about the reason you decided to hire them in the first place? What made you make that decision? Be sure you know where you need help, and make it know to your hired professional. This can make or break the project.
  4. While you have thought about your taste and made it known, have you made sure to have them keep any heirlooms? Be sure you communicate any pieces that you currently have that must be kept in the mix. You don’t want them to plan an entire room around, and plan to throw out something you must keep. At every step of the process, this is about clear communication with your chosen decorator.
  5. Be sure you have fun and enjoy the process. You have decided to undertake a pretty fun thing, and give your home an overhaul. Maybe it has a dated look, and you just want to have a new feel to it. This is a good thing, and it can be very enjoyable to go through all the steps of giving your living space a refresh. Be sure to get everything you want, and have fun while doing it

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but it may give you a starting point to understand what you want to achieve. When you have your list completed, check out Andrea Schumacher Interiors.